Vuurzee was born
from the desire to do things differently.

Brewed for the true connoisseur. Vuurzee was born out of the desire to do things differently.
The desire to create a beer that deserves a place at the gastronomic table where, until now, we have only found wines and spirits. Where diverse flavours and aromas find their way to gastronomy lovers, where quality and experience come together and where people with passion and dedication use the best products
to create the finest dishes and combinations.

Pinot Noir

from Dutch soil

The tannins of the peels give Vuurzee a soft bitters.
We consciously choose to add less hops so that the bitterness of our beer is nicely balanced. 

Champagne yeast

The use of champagne yeast gives Vuurzee its extremely pleasant soft mousse and its slightly mineral and lactic aftertaste.

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The best drinking temperature of Vuurzee is around 8 degrees and can be best enjoyed in a wine glass or open flûte. Vuurzee is perfect for dinner, as an aperitif or with an appetizer. During the dinner, Vuurzee also lends itself as a fully fledged partner for the most diverse dishes. From oysters, caviar, lobster, mussels, scallops, smoked salmon, duck breast, rack of lamb to slow-cooked beef ribs and pork belly.

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