By using champagne yeast from the famous French region of Reims, Vuurzee gets its extremely pleasant so mousse and its slight mineral and lactic finish. The hand-picked Hungarian grapes ensure that Vuurzee has a slight fruity character, so that the typical bitterness of beer is nicely balanced.


The best drinking temperature of Vuurzee is around 8 degrees and can be best enjoyed in a wine glass or open flûte. Vuurzee is perfect for dinner, as an aperitif or with an appetizer. During the dinner, Vuurzee also lends itself as a fully fledged partner for the most diverse dishes. From oysters, caviar, lobster, mussels, scallops, smoked salmon, duck breast, rack of lamb to slow-cooked beef ribs and pork belly.


De Goede & De Stoute stands for the best of two worlds that have been brought together to create a true gastronomic experience.

We go further where others stop. 

We brew beer out of passion for perfection.


We create a total experience by giving every aspect of your drinking experience the attention it deserves. To give you an experience that will stay with you.


Experience in stylish ambiances where quality is enjoyed. 


Experience our sensational experience.

That is our passion for perfection.

That is the unprecedented class of our beer.

De Goede & De Stoute

Where beer meets gastronomy


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