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Vuurzee was born
from the desire to do things differently.

Created for the true connoisseur. Vuurzee was born out of the desire to do things differently.
The desire to create a drink that deserves a place at the gastronomic table where, until now, we have only found wines and spirits. Where diverse flavours and aromas find their way to gastronomy lovers, where quality and experience come together and where people with passion and dedication use the best products to create the finest dishes and combinations.

Pinot Noir

from Dutch

We have deliberately chosen to replace a great part of the bitters that come from hops with other bitters, namely from the Pinot Noir grape. Because of its thin skin, the Pinot Noir grape has a light tannin. In addition, these tannins ensure that the bitterness,
which is often found in most beers, is better balanced. Partly because of this, this beer lends itself so well to culinary dishes. 

Yeast with
a sparkling character

The yeast gives Vuurzee a slightly lactic character. In other words, a light acidity. The yeast also provides a pleasant mousse and texture in the mouth. Unlike brewer's yeast, sparkling wines yeast ensures that you do not sit at the table feeling bloated.

Flavour development 


Our Vuurzee is top-fermented and each bottle is given 3 to 4 months to mature. The intention is that the coarse bubbles become much finer, as in sparkling wines. In addition, the yeast in the bottle ensures that the flavour of Vuurzee continues to evolve and that you can keep it for a longer period of time. Just like a good wine! The yeast makes Vuurzee a little less harsh, softer in flavour and gives it less sharp tones. The last glass will be slightly cloudy because of this. We continue to experiment with the taste of Vuurzee. Not only do we let Vuurzee continue to mature in oak barrels. Each March, we also let a number of bottles age for 6 months in the Oosterschelde (Zeeland - the Netherlands). This is how our Vuurzee Sea Aged is born.

Vuurzee Sea Aged onder water.
Vuurzee Sea Aged flessen
Vuurzee met een bijpassend gerecht.


The best drinking temperature of Vuurzee is around 8 degrees and can be best enjoyed in a wine glass or open flûte. Vuurzee is perfect for dinner, as an aperitif or with an appetizer. During the dinner, Vuurzee also lends itself as a fully
fledged partner for the most diverse dishes. From oysters, caviar, lobster, mussels, scallops, smoked salmon, duck breast, rack of lamb to slow-cooked beef ribs and pork belly.

Fles Vuurzee met glas
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