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Our herritage

Burgundians, epicureans and patriarchs of the lowlands: the Dukes Philip the Good & Charles the Bold played a crucial role in shaping Dutch history in 1464. During their reign, the flamboyant Dukes brought quality and style to the North and pioneered
what we now call "the Burgundian lifestyle". In this era, we play
a crucial role in the formation of the Dutch beer landscape and
we stand for the Burgundian legacy of our forgotten heroes, Philip the Good & Charles the Bold.

Our story

De Goede & De Stoute is a Dutch burgundian house and was born out of the desire to do things differently. The desire to make a drink that deserves a place at the haute cuisine table where, up to now, we have only found wines and spirits. Where diverse flavours and aromas find their way to gastronomy lovers.

We do not think in one or the other but in new bold combinations. Since 2018, we have been bringing our Vuurzee, to places where quality and experience come together and people work with passion and with dedication along with the best products to create the finest dishes and combinations. 


Curious about Vuurzee?

Become a member and enjoy Vuurzee at home.
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