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Vuurzee Shield

Not a review, but a sign of appreciation.

A celebration of collaborations and shared love for good food, drinks and good living. 

Servais Tielman met een Vuurzee schildje.

A sign of appreciation

We believe that the partnerships we have with our Vuurzee Ambassadors should be celebrated.

We share a love for good food, drinks

and the good life. We highly value the experiences that our Ambassadors offer to their guests in their restaurants every day and we also strive to continue to share these experiences with our Members. 


The shield symbolizes the bond we have built with our Vuurzee Ambassadors. It is in no way a form of assessment, but a sign of appreciation to each other. 

If you see the shield on the door or in a restaurant, you can enjoy a glass of Vuurzee there. The chefs and sommelier know better than anyone what Vuurzee can be combined with and surprise their guests with special taste sensations. 

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