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to the De Goede
& De Stoute

We bring Vuurzee to the world stage of
high gastronomy. Enter the world of
De Goede & De Stoute

Filips de Goede, Hertog van Bourgondië

De Goede
& De Stoute

De Goede & De Stoute were two dukes from Burgundy in the time of princes, crusades and conquests. They were always for adventure and stood for what they believed in. The good life. 

Karel de Stoute, Hertog van Bourgondië

Where beer meets gastronomy

Our Vuurzee has made a real advance on the world stage of high gastronomy. De Goede & De Stoute is the first burgundian brand in the Netherlands to create a drink exclusively for the high gastronomic world.

We show the world that it is possible to serve Vuurzee with the most beautiful dishes, in the best restaurants and in the most special places. Our cuvée de prestige is recognized by renowned chefs, sommeliers and gourmets as a very good and above all surprising meal companion.

Vuurzee is only served at top restaurants, at special places and by members of our exclusive members club. The total experience must be perfect for us, which is why we continue where others stop.

Enjoy an arrangement with one of our top chefs and sommeliers. Enjoy our cuvée de prestige 
during a culinary event or at home. We want to give you an experience that will stay with you forever. Let's enjoy wonderful moments together.

Vuurzee Bar

Welcome to the Vuurzee Bar.

The burgundian hotspot in Loosdrecht where you can enjoy Vuurzee and fine delicacies, where the best glasses in town are raised - and where our sparkling beer,
Vuurzee, is elevated to the status of cuvée de prestige.

wins awards

Vuurzee en haar awards.
Winner World Beer Awards 2019, 2020 & 2022 for best Brut Beer
Silver World Beer Awards 2021 for best Brut Beer
Asia Beer Challenge 2019, 2020 Gold & Double Gold for best Brut Beer International Beer Challenge - Gold for best design & Packaging
Brussels Beer Challenge 2022 Silver 
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