Burgundians, bon vivants and patriarchs of The Low Lands. The dukes Philip the Good & Charles the Bold (Filip de Goede & Karel de Stoute) played a crucial role in the formation of Dutch history in 1464. The flamboyant dukes brought quality and style to the North during their reign and stood at the beginning of what we now call "the Burgundian lifestyle".

In this era we play a crucial role in shaping the Dutch beer landscape and we stand for the Burgundian legacy of our forgotten heroes, Philip the Good & Charles the Bold.

The connoisseur. Vuurzee arose from the desire to do it differently. The desire to make a beer that deserves a premium spot at the gastronomic table where we mainly find wines and spirits. Where different tastes and aromas find a way to gastronomic enthusiasts, where quality and experience come together and people with passion and dedication use the best products and ingredients to create the most stunning dishes and combinations of foods.

De Goede & De Stoute

Where beer meets gastronomy

How it all started

We, Piet and Pieter, met in 2015 in the green heart of Italy. The perfect place to celebrate our love for food and drinks. We experienced special moments there.
We became friends.


Back in the Netherlands, our common love for the good in life turned out to be so strong that we took the plunge.


We decided to develop a beer brand together. A beer brand with class and full of experience. Beers with unique combinations that reminded us of our time in Italy.


De Goede & De Stoute was born.

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