Special beer celebrates its heyday. Only is specialty beer still so special?
We give specialty beer the stage it deserves.


We are De Goede & De Stoute. 

We go further where others stop.

We brew beer out of passion for perfection.


We create a total experience by giving every aspect of your drinking experience the attention it deserves. To give you an experience that will stay with you.


This all starts with the taste. Therefor we choose the best ingredients and combine them with the most appropriate brewing process. This produces the finest flavors. Flavors that we bring to life.

Take a good seat, because there is a bottle on the table. Not just a bottle.

You are enchanted at a glance.

The cork comes out and the beer is poured into a glass that fully reflects the taste.

You lift the glass, you look, you smell. And then that first sip follows. Intense flavors come to life.

You taste the sensation. You are silent for a moment.

Let our beer exceed all your expectations.

Experience in stylish ambiances where quality is enjoyed. Combine it with dishes from the finest gourmet kitchens. Let all your senses sing.

Experience our sensational experience.

That is our passion for perfection.

That is the unprecedented class of our beer.

De Goede & De Stoute

Taste the Sensation

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Drink responsibly, 18+

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